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I am truly excited to provide our service that we at F.M.G feel committed to share. I believe that many people today fail to see the importance of focused energy that creates our self-awareness. With so many distractions, negative energy continues to fill our minds and block the true potential in life. I feel that the lives and positive decision making skills of this and future generations are in jeopardy to say the least. It is because of this I have embarked on this powerful motivational journey. I use an innovative reminding technique I call - Focus Momentum Training, which brings the idea of SELF back to life. I provide this with inspirational stories which are relatable and true. Helping others to see their potential is my passion. My talks will bring focus to everyone, young and old. My talks serve as reminders of what is possible to create and why we never give up. I have coached adults and managed group homes for over fifteen years, providing mentoring, counseling, life coaching and health and wellness strategies. I have written two works of fiction and two powerful motivational books that reminds us to create the best version of ourselves every day. I am passionate about speaking and moving others to create their own meaningful life. Now I'd like to help you to create your greatness. I'll do this by using a powerful series of reminders that keeps you focused on you and your success.